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Inspired by the unique style of Drag artist and Cabaret showgirl Miss Tess Tickle, I designed and created this tight-fitted mermaid gown for one of her performances on Ladies Day 2018 in Hardwick. The gown was constructed in close collaboration with Ell Owen-Moreno, Deborah Wilkins and Kate Dodds.


Materials used include a net crinoline backed with ridgeline to support the volume of the big blue skirt; horsehair to create the 'waves' on the top purple skirt; duchess satin for both skirts, pink sequin fabric and lycra strips applied onto sparkly nude power mesh; acid-dyed purple and blue feathers for the shoulder and bum pads; crystal, red and blue rhinestones. 

To find out more about Miss Tess Tickle, visit:


Tess Tickle
Commissioned Gown
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